How toTreat and Repair the Kitchen Sink Garbage Disposal

The kitchen sink’s garbage disposal is a misunderstood household waste system.

As the term garbage disposal is misconstrued with garbage, there’s a misconception that the kitchen appliance consumes all unwanted leftovers. From its diet, sanitization needs and maintenance, Hoffmann Brothers, a St. Louis Plumber discloses these tactics to avert garbage disposal repairs and replacements.

The garbage disposal diet
The garbage disposal has a finicky diet. It prefers to eat small morsels, and soft food remnants. It has an aversion to fruit and vegetable peels. Egg, shrimp and crab shells are too harsh on its digestive system. The kitchen sink garbage disposal considers turkey cartilage, ham shanks and other large bone marrows as unsavory, as well. Even though nails, bottle caps are generally small elements, the garbage disposal is neither conducive for such metal matters.

Garbage disposals are engineered to ease clearing remnants off of dinnerware, prevent drain clogs and backed up sinks. Configured of steel, comprised of several sets of blades—the garbage disposal demands meticulous maintenance.

Garbage disposal repairs 
The kitchen sink’s garbage disposal can be hypersensitive to sanitization. The home’s food disposal system can accumulate microscopic bacteria, emitting a rotten odor. Nonetheless, there are two approaches to eliminating such odors. Baking soda represents a natural antibacterial agent. Simply, pour two to three tablespoons onto the blades of the garbage disposal. Then, add a teaspoon of water. The mixture will bubble. Allow to set for several minutes. Next, turn on the faucet to flush the blades and the garbage disposal tank. Bleach is another alternative cleaning agent.

The easiest approach to trigger a garbage disposal malfunction is when bottle caps, nails, screws and other metal matter become lodged into the motor. These garbage disposal repairs do not generally necessitate a plumbing contractor service call.

DIY Garbage Disposal Repair Tip: Two tips apply to investigating a garbage disposal malfunction. First, turn off the garbage disposal switch to check for loose items. For safety, never put hands in the garbage disposal. Instead, use a plunger to expunge any foreign objects.

When all else fails, hire a plumber to come out and diagnose your garbage disposal situation. To request a repair, fill out our online form or call us at (314) 664-3011.

Households in Missouri and Illinois (St. Charles, St. Louis, Jefferson, St. Clair and Madison Counties) rely on Hoffmann Brothers plumbing services for garbage disposal repairs and replacements.

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