Tips on Thanksgiving Day Preparation from a St. Louis HVAC Contractor

Preparing the home for the holiday season, involves more than dusting off the China. The hot and humid months in St. Louis County are downright harsh on the home’s heating and air conditioning, ventilation (HVAC) system. With less than 15-days before the biggest feast of the year the check list of things to do to prepare your home for guests begins here:

Administer a comprehensive wipe down to remove dust and debris that may have gone unnoticed over the summer, such as bookshelves, benches and other surfaces.  Hoffmann Brothers, the premier HVAC contractor in St. Louis states:  “Removal of dust also alleviates the particulate matter from recycling into the home’s heating system, limiting good indoor quality.” A damp cloth with an antibacterial agent sanitizes surfaces and removes any dust that may have gone unnoticed.  In coming weeks before Thanksgiving, a quick wipe with a dry cloth should suffice in maintaining a dust free living space.

Take stock of any imminent chores, requiring immediate attention before Thanksgiving Day.  In other words, don’t defer any improvements which will affect the dinner party. The holidays are a great reason to complete any of the home improvement projects you have been putting off all year.

Start planning the menu. Thanksgiving Day dinners often go awry due to poor planning. Waiting until the last minute to look up new recipes and then shop bodes well for a mishap. Certain dishes such as the cranberry sauce, pie, and even the stuffing can be prepared a day in advance.

Yearly, heating maintenance and care in St. Louis ensures that your home’s comfort system will last longer and work efficiently. Schedule all household maintenance for the heating system and plumbing at least two weeks before turkey day. In the event that there’s a breakdown brewing, this allows the HVAC contractor time to order and install the parts in order to ensure proper function while guests are in town.

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Select the tableware. One week, prior to Thanksgiving check the plates, napkins platters, serving utensils to make sure that adequate coverage and continuity. Again, this allows plenty of time to shop around St. Louis to fulfill any missing cookware. If you take all of these steps your holiday celebration should go off without a hitch. Enjoy, and happy Thanksgiving Day from Hoffmann Brothers.

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