Tips on How to Weather a Winter Storm From a St. Louis Heating Contractor

Hopefully, 2013 will not be a year of blizzards and excessively cold temperatures. The Farmer’s Almanac forecasts the potential for a winter storm in Missouri. In the event of a blizzard in St. Louis County, it’s important to be prepared. The heating contractor Hoffmann Brothers provides a few things residents should know in order to successfully weather a snowstorm.

What should be stored in an emergency winter storm kit?

In a rubber container, or somewhere in the garage, compile supplies that can be used during a storm: flashlights, long burning votive candles, an emergency crank radio with a solar charger, extra prescriptions, can opener, camping stove and a shovel. Try to maintain an emergency supply of food. A box of dried and canned goods can tie the household over in the event the roads are closed.

What should you expect after a blizzard?

Extreme freezing temperatures follow larger storms, and power failure may result if temperatures dip below 32 degrees. Certain Jefferson County home heating systems may not have the ability to keep up with the freezing temperatures, particularly in homes with a faulty heating system or poor insulation. Extreme freezing temperatures pose a health hazard to those with a chronic medical condition, infants, and the elderly.


Are alternative heating sources good substitutes in a blizzard?

Alternative heating sources pose potential hazardous. Fireplaces, generators and propane burning space heaters heighten the chance for carbon monoxide poisoning or even a fire. These heating systems should be used with caution.

Which resources should I add to my address book in the event of an emergency?

In St. Louis County, residents can access the National Weather Service on local area “FIPS” codes at 029189. The St Louis County website at serves as another resource in the event of an emergency.

If your home’s heating system has not been checked this year, preventative maintenance is the best preparation for the winter months and a snowstorm.

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