The Symptoms of a Faulty Furnace

There’s no sense in waiting for an ill operating furnace to go in the fritz. By the time most homeowners in Missouri realize that the furnace is broken, a replacement is the next usually inevitable reality. Just as people notice certain symptoms associated with the flu or the common cold, there are several telltale signs of when the furnace is about to give out. The St. Louis-based heating systems contractor Hoffmann Brothers prescribes a furnace inspection if you notice the following scenarios:

Inflated energy bills. Even as certain utility and energy companies are raising prices across the country, higher utility bills are often an indication that something is wrong with the furnace.

Continual thermostat resetting. A need to continually raise the thermostat to higher temperatures is another sign that something may not be working properly with the furnace. Sometimes it’s a matter of replacing air filters with a new one.

Did you know that your furnace should be checked every year for safety and energy efficiency?

Broken parts. When the furnace’s heat exchanger is cracked or the burner is improperly burning fuel, it can release carbon monoxide. The symptoms of carbon monoxide often mimic those of the flu. Individuals afflicted with CO poisoning feel lethargic, weak and nauseous.

Faulty pilot lighting. An inability to keep the pilot light on is another sign of a faulty furnace, necessitating the expertise of a licensed and certified HVAC contractor.

Although many HVAC experts attribute a broken thermostat as the cause of a perpetually cycling furnace, it is still advisable to contact a heating systems contractor to evaluate the unit.

Leaking gas. The smell of gas near the furnace requires the immediate attention of a heating systems contractor, as a leaking furnace can be detrimental to a household’s safety.

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