St. Louis Air Conditioning Contractor: 7-Steps to Hosting a Memorial Day Bash

It’s completely unnecessary to drive this Memorial Day. Entertaining for the first summer holiday of the year accompanies an assortment of things to do and avoid. Hoffmann Brothers, a St. Louis air conditioner contractor prescribes these Memorial Day party planning tactics.

  1. Plan for a weather contingency. In the event that the weather does not cooperate, be prepared to move the festivities inside.
  2. Compile the guest list. Just in case it rains or the climate is too humid, keep the party list to an occupancy which comfortably accommodates guests indoors.
  3. Create a menu. Choose foods that are yummy, finger-food friendly and easy to clean up.
  4. Set the ambiance. Dust and clean the home. Remember to change the air filter to boost the clean air indoors. This also improves air conditioner’s efficiency. Makes sure that air conditioner vents are open and unobstructed by other furnishings.

The summer bash is an untimely occasion to have the air conditioner malfunction. If your air conditioner has not had a check up this year, be sure to schedule maintenance prior to Memorial Day or your backyard barbeque.

  1. Reset the exterior entertainment space. From the backyard, deck or patio, a well devised outdoor plan allows for great entertainment value. Divide the exterior space into different seating areas for eating, reclining, playing horseshoes and so on. Embellish the deck or backyard with citronella candles to fend off mosquitoes.
  2. Prep food in advance. Try to prepare all foods requiring baking the day before or several hours before the party starts. This gives the air conditioner adequate time to cool the home before hours before the guests arrive.
  3. Stay cool. During the party, keep all doors closed to lock in the cool temperature generated by the air conditioner. Post a friendly reminder on exits and entrances, asking guests to keep doors shut. (Example: Please don’t let cool air escape from our home. We’re trying to confine it).

Please contact Hoffmann Brothers at (314) 664-3011 to schedule an air conditioner check up. (Don’t forget to claim discount from our coupon web page). Have a safe and merry Memorial Day!

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