Lesser Known Benefits of Heating Systems Maintenance

Among new homeowners of Jefferson County, St Charles County, St. Louis County, St Louis City, and Chesterfield, heating systems maintenance is an undervalued service. Until something goes awry with the furnace, central air conditioner, or ventilation—HVAC maintenance is often the last concern.

Hoffmann Brother’s heating and cooling contractor states: “Unless it’s broken, it does not need fixing” is inapplicable to keeping the residential HVAC operating at peak performance.”

Although it’s a well documented fact that heating systems, maintained biannually last longer than the furnace or air conditioning unit with little care, few understand how regular maintenance influences the heating and air conditioning system.

Energy efficiency. When the components of the heating system become laden with dirt and corrosion, this impedes the heating and air conditioning system from working efficiently. In order to compensate for a faulty coil, furnace or other part, a heating system has to work harder to maintain the appropriate temperature.

Household safety. Biannual HVAC maintenance also represents a modicum of safety. From carbon monoxide poisoning to combustion, an ill-maintained heating system can evolve into a safety hazard in the winter.

Manageable utility bills. The HVAC system that uses more energy ultimately drives up monthly energy utility bills. Moreover, in St. Louis households with insufficient heating and cooling maintenance, generally end up paying more in the long run for system glitches and ultimately a replacement.

A well maintained HVAC system is not just symbolic of a healthy and comfortable indoor climate, but moderate on the utility bill.

If you live in St Louis City, St. Louis County, Jefferson County, St Charles County or Chesterfield, be sure to contact Hoffmann Brothers heating and air conditioning contractors for HVAC maintenance at 314.664.3011. For an additional savings on a house call, please click on heating and air conditioning coupons.

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