Home Remedies to Thrash Out Before the Holidays

East St. Louis Heating a Home with Care

Refer to these health and safety tips, provided by East St. Louis heating contractor, Hoffmann Brothers.

Clear the Air.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) anticipates higher flu rates this winter season because the H3N2 influenza strain has mutated, rendering vaccinations to be less effective. To combat the spread of microbes, remember to turn the humidifier to the proper setting and change air filters, as instructed by your furnace’s manufacturer.

Poor indoor air quality not only promotes the spread of microbes, but also triggers other unruly health conditions. Dry, itchy skin generally indicates an arid environment. Turn up a humidifier to retain warmth generated by the furnace, heat pump, and other heating system.

Once your home has a good balance of humidity and comfort, remember to make regular air filter replacements to remove dust mites, fine particles and other airborne contaminants from recycling through the home.


Maintain the Heating System.

Even though the heating system is nothing to decorate or really think about, any East St. Louis home that uses a gas furnace, needs an annual check up. Each year, home explosions are frequently the outcome of poorly maintained furnaces, boilers and other heating systems. These combustive and pressurized qualities necessitate annual maintenance to ensure safety as well as energy efficiency.

Dial 314.664.3011 to schedule heating maintenance in East St. Louis.

Deploy Fire Prevention.

Fires and falling accidents account for the greatest household emergencies during the

‘season to be jolly’. Specifically, candles, Christmas trees and other flammable holiday decorations attribute to the highest incident rate during the holiday season. A few basic tenets could help prevent the chances of a negative event.

Hoffmann Brothers wishes the residents of East St. Louis a safe and happy holiday!

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