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Any engine using gas, electricity or other fossil fuels requires maintenance. A home’s heating unit is not any different. Market research shows that a well maintained heater operates longer and provides optimal energy savings for the average household. Hoffmann Brothers, a heating and air conditioning contractor serving the communities of eastern Missouri, offers some helpful information about maintaining the home’s comfort system

Depriving a heating system of annual maintenance can shorten the overall efficiency and life of the system. Over the winter months, a heating system turns off after it achieves the appropriate temperature, but while the system is off dust and debris can accumulate in the furnace’s parts causing the heating system to work harder when it begins running again.

When dirt becomes embedded in the home’s comfort system, there is a compromise of energy efficiency and indoor air quality. The grimy film forces the heating system to work overtime, wasting energy. Preventative maintenance entails cleaning the heater’s components and checking for proper system operation. A maintained heating system also means healthy indoor quality for it occupants.

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Preventative maintenance is not the only solution for energy savings, monthly furnace air filter replacements help the home’s HVAC system operate more efficiently. Just like preventative heating maintenance, regular filter changes can add years to the life of an HVAC system.

In some homes, a battle of the thermostat is popular among family members. Heating units prefer to maintain a schedule, which promotes comfort and energy efficiency. A programmable thermostat which can be monitored remotely curtails the temperature highs and lows in the home.

Sometimes an older furnace calls for a replacement or complementary retrofit. In eastern Missouri homeowners can always depend on heating and air conditioning contractors at Hoffmann Brothers to make the most energy efficient decision. With the cold weather quickly approaching now is a great time to schedule your yearly heating inspection to ensure optimal performance and energy savings this winter.

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