Des Peres Heating Contractor Talks Safety

Carbon monoxide and combustion present critical threats for any household. Invisible and flammable, these volatile components account for many fatalities throughout the year. Hoffmann Brothers’, a heating contractor serving the Des Peres community, lists six facts individuals should know about combustion and carbon monoxide.

  1. .What is combustion?

Combustion is the byproduct of an ignited device, and occurs when a heat source is combined with a small amount of oxygen.

Des Peres, heating contractor, Hoffmann Brothers reminds homeowners: “Inadequate ventilation, air supply and an ill-maintained heating system serve as a recipe for combustion or carbon monoxide poisoning.”

  1. .What causes carbon monoxide?
  2. Carbon monoxide develops as an incomplete burning of fuels ranging from charcoal to wood. When the atmosphere is short on oxygen, carbon either remains in its original form or transforms into carbon monoxide.

  3. .In Des Peres households, using a gas range oven or a flue-less gas fireplace can expel carbon monoxide and combustive elements into the home. Regular inspections of these elements can help prevent a dangerous scenario.
  4. .Heating systems are not combustive alone. Combustion relies on several other factors, such as a home’s size, air sources and ventilation as well as heating elements. A qualified heating contractor can evaluate these areas for safety.
  5. .Energy auditors and heating contractors evaluate carbon and combustion differently. Because there are so many types of tests, and because all combustion issues do not share identical profiles, sometimes detection is a challenge. Be sure to clarify what inspectors are looking for when performing an audit of your home’s heating system.
  6. .Heating systems can trigger combustion if the equipment is improperly installed or maintained. Proper maintenance entails cleaning all the components of a heating system, and should be performed by a certified professional.

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Hoffmann Brothers’ makes it easy for homeowners to keep their heating system operating at peak efficiency. The Des Peres heating contractor checks for carbon monoxide and other components that influence the efficiency and safety of your home’s heating system.

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