Brentwood Homeowner Guide to Hiring an AC Contractor

With the warmest months of the year approaching, some Brentwood homeowners and residents may consider preventative maintenance or even an air conditioning replacement? However, hiring a reputable air conditioning contractor calls for a few consumer savvy tactics. Here’s what to know:

Which credentials suggest the expertise of an air conditioning contractor in Brentwood, Missouri?

Foremost, Air conditioning contractors should possess a current license in Brentwood, MO. Air conditioning certification for specific manufacturers, membership with the American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) are two credentials that indicate a company or contractor’s expertise.

Are there other criteria that a Brentwood resident should use to qualify the reliability of an air conditioning contractor?

For any American consumer, regardless of Brentwood residency, a certificate of insurance and bonded air conditioning contractor exemplifies a consumer protection of sorts. In the event that an air conditioning contractor falls or other work related injury, a certificate of insurance eliminates the homeowner’s obligation or financial responsibility. Bonded employees have to submit a background check.

Maxim: Hire a Brentwood air conditioning AC contractor, who has a liability or certification of insurance with a minimum of $1 million.

Hire air conditioning contractors, offering and guaranteeing 100% money back guarantee, for the installed equipment as stated. For instance, Hoffmann Brothers guarantees a system removal and 100% of the customer’s investment within the first 2 years of the installation. The guarantee instills the confidence and security that you’re hiring a reliable AC contractor.

Because a number of disreputable AC contractors are known to recommend unnecessary replacements to impel greater revenue, shop for air conditioning AC contractors in Brentwood, who can provide a 100% money back guarantee:

A reliable AC contractor should be able to present a comfort guarantee, warranting that the installed AC will cool the home within a specified temperature range.

For Brentwood homeowners and residents, Hoffmann Brothers provides a 100% money back guarantee, a “comfort guarantee” as well as a “no lemon” guarantee.

Please review this guarantee for AC and heating customers in Brentwood.

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