Slash Home Energy Expenses in Oakville

Your Oakville home embodies an abundance of financial resources. From the kitchen, the thermostat and throughout the home, consider these useful energy savings tips to cut your summer energy expenditures.

Oakville AC Contractor Prescribes Energy Savings Tactics

Boosting Energy Conservation in the Kitchen

Refrigerators should never be in close proximity to an oven, a window, a dishwashing system or any other heat-generating element. Set the refrigerator from 35 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit. On refrigerators where the door seals are not airtight, replace the seals to lock in cool and conserve on energy costs to keep food chilled at the right temperature.

Try to avoid baking, roasting or broiling foods in the oven from June through August, as it will work against the energy efficiency of your cooling system.

Phantom energy contributes to extra energy consumption. Unplug the toaster, coffeemaker and other kitchen appliances when not in use.

Accumulate an Energy Savings Around the Home

There’s a treasure trove of opportunities to maximize your home’s energy savings. From electrical outlets, a programmable thermostat to the air conditioner, most homes present a treasure trove of energy saving possibilities.

From sunrise to sunset, keep window blinds drawn in the summer to block out the extra heat emitted from ultraviolet rays and sunlight.

The average Oakville household saves approximately three to seven percent each month during the summer, when the thermostat is set between 73º and 78º degrees Fahrenheit.

Ten years and older is when air conditioning systems typically began to malfunction and run longer to sustain a cool environment.

“An aging air conditioner costs a household more in cooling costs and repairs than it’s really worth. If your AC is more than a decade old, consider upgrading to an energy efficient system,” advises an AC contractor licensed in Oakville (

Redeem rebates and special service contractor deals

Local utilities companies such as Ameren and Laclede Gas are offering Oakville homeowners a discount on high efficient appliance upgrades (i.e. heat pump, furnace, air conditioners. etc.)

On the servicing side of air conditioning and preventative maintenance, Oakville’s favorite air conditioning contractor, Hoffmann Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning features coupons on their company website, 365-days a year.

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