6 Facts to Know About AFUE From a St. Charles Heating Contractor

If you’re like any other consumer in St. Charles County shopping for a boiler or furnace, you may have noticed the acronym AFUE. This information is quite relevant when it comes to choosing an energy efficient heating system. A heating and air conditioning contractor, renowned for providing St. Charles homeowners with more than 40 + years of service excellence, highlights six facts you should know about the AFUE.

AFUE is the acronym for annual fuel utilization efficiency. This number calculates a boiler or furnace’s output versus the ratio of its total energy consumption.

A boiler or furnace with 90 percent AFUE translates into – 90 percent transforms into heat energy while the other 10 percent of the fuel travels via vents and the chimney, never turning into energy.

Hoffmann Brothers, heating and air conditioning contractor, says: “Never purchase any heating system that does not illustrate its AFUE. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) mandates that any new boiler, heat pump or furnace feature an AFUE, enabling homeowners to assess models based on heating efficiency.”

When shopping for a furnace or boiler, check the minimum AFUE requirements.

The Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency regulates minimum AFUE standards for all types of heating systems. For instance, a gas-fueled steam boiler is required to have a 75 percent AFUE and a fossil fueled boiler must have a minimum of 80 percent AFUE.

As for heating systems, without flue loss an all electric boiler and furnace generates an AFUE rating ranging from 95% to 100%.

Older heating systems have a very low AFUE ratio, between 68 to 72 percent.

However, AFUE is not the only determinant, which represents a heating system’s efficiency. Sealed combustion, flue pipe diameter, as well as an electronic igniter are three other features, which influence a heating system’s efficiency.

Whether you need expert advice on choosing an efficient heating system, maintenance on your existing system or a heating contractor in St. Charles to install a new unit, Hoffmann Brothers is your full service HVAC contractor.

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