4 Rules to Ensure Safety and Energy Savings from Your Heating System

Aside from investing in high performance heat pumps or a heating system powered by geothermal technology, there are bevy of rules that can help promote energy savings with your existing system. In fact, it’s worth noting that complying with safety regulations often complements energy savings. Hoffmann Brothers’, a heating contractor of St. Louis identifies six basic rules for improving the performance of your heating system.

Make regular air filter replacements.

Every 30 days, replace the home’s air filter with a new one. Clean air filters complement energy efficiency, while extending the life of your heating system. When dust and debris become trapped in components of the furnace, fan and vents, energy conservation suffers because the heating system has to work harder to maintain warmth.

Schedule maintenance.

A loud heating system is often the sign of a comfort unit on the verge of a breakdown. Squeaking and clanking sounds generally resonate the need to schedule heating maintenance.   Annual heating system maintenance is necessary to keep the furnace, heat pumps, central heating, and other heater units operating safely and efficiently. A heating system, which constantly runs to maintain a specific temperature, suggests that it requires a tune up.

Control the climate.

Install a programmable thermostat to manage the climate throughout the day. When occupants are sleeping, program the temperature five degrees lower. In the day, when occupants are at work and school, reduce the indoor temperature to maximize the energy savings. During the day when the household is vacant, lower the thermostat five to seven degrees. This simple change can render up to as much as 10 percent in monthly energy savings.

Uphold energy standards.

The Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) institute standards for furnaces and other heating systems for EER (energy efficiency ratios). Adhering to these standards will ensure that your system is running safely and efficiently, saving you money.

Schedule heating system maintenance with St Louis’ preferred heating contractor.

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