4 Heating Systems to Know in Collinsville

Replacing the home’s heating system is one of those inevitable updates that Collinsville, IL residential property owners make every decade or more. Air handlers, boilers furnaces and heat pumps afford different levels of energy efficiency. Hoffmann Brothers, a heating and air conditioning contractor, serving the community of Collinsville, distinguishes the benefits of four heater units.

Air Handler

Also referred to as an electronic furnace, an air handler with a variable speed drive blower finds compatibility with heat pumps and two stage air conditioning systems. Some residential property owners opt for an air handler as certain brands diminish air leakage preventing wasted energy loads.


In Collinsville, Illinois many homes rely on a boiler to heat the household. Cost analysis shows that steam and water boiling heating systems present an economically comfortable approach to heating the home.

Residential property owners assume the most safety and energy savings with a boiler averaging an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating of 85% or higher. Specific features, unique to certain boiler manufacturers influence the AFUE. These are the seal combustion, which employs air extracted from outside to fuel the burner.


Furnaces generally operate using gas. These rectangular shaped, metal fixtures warm indoor temperatures via the circulation of air via duct work.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps emit hot and cool air. In the winter, energy efficient heat pumps transfer heat without all the waste emitted with a gas furnace. An Energy Star qualified heat pump cools and warms the home with an ozone safe refrigerant. These quiet running comfort devices can be quite effective for removing indoor humidity. Finally, energy utility bills show heat pumps assure an energy savings on monthly utility statements.

Collinsville homeowners are cordially invited to schedule a complimentary estimate for a new heating system.

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