Why Would Your Furnace Stop Working?

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Winter is coming here in St. Louis. The last thing you want when the temperature starts to drop is for your furnace to malfunction! You will want proper heating in your home. Even though your furnace may not blow sparks or emit a loud noise when it breaks down, there will be very clear signs that something is wrong.

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The two main signs that your furnace isn’t working correctly are sudden heat loss and short cycling.

Sudden heat loss means that your furnace shuts off unexpectedly and permanently. This can happen anytime, but often occurs at the coldest time of the night so you will wake up to a very cold home and no heat. Possible causes of sudden heat loss are:

Short cycling is when your furnace turns on and off frequently for short amounts of time instead of turning on and off for long and sustained durations. When your system does this, your home can’t properly warm up during the short times the furnace is on and puts a lot of stress on your heating unit.

If this is happening to you, check your filter! A dirty and clogged filter chokes the airflow, creating a backup of heat and air in your HVAC system. The backup causes the furnace’s internal temperature to rise to an unsafe level, and the safety switch turns the furnace off.

Then, because your thermostat is still set to a certain temperature to make the indoor air quality comfortable, the furnace turns back on and the cycle repeats.

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Don’t wait until you wake up cold in the middle of winter to get your furnace repaired or replaced! Call the HVAC professionals at Hoffmann Brothers to repair, service, or maintenance your furnace.

Our highly skilled technicians can repair or install any brand of furnace or heating system in your St. Louis home or business. Request service or a bid online or call us (314) 664-3011.”

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