Why Preventable Maintenance is Vital This Winter

St. Louis County Heating Contractor Talks Heating Care


With the Farmers’ Almanac predicting a blistery winter, residential property owners of St. Louis County, need not defer preventative maintenance on the home’s comfort system. The publication, with an 80% accuracy rate, forecasts snowstorm and below freezing temperatures plaguing the plains states and the Midwest this winter.


Fortunately, heating system breakdowns are preventable. Only heating and systems, older than 10 years or more are extremely susceptible to final inoperability.


Preventative maintenance provides homeowners with the comfort that their heating system will make it through the winter without having to worry about exorbitant energy bills.


It’s a common misconception among homeowners that the heating system does not need care until it’s broken. In contrast, preventative maintenance for the home’s heating system affords a variety of benefits.


Winter in St. Louis is just around the corner. By the Farmers’ Almanac’s great forecast record, plan to schedule preventative maintenance for your heating system in the near future. The coupon below offers a discount redeemable at the time of your heating service call.


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What are the advantages of preventative maintenance and the home’s heating system?


1) Safety.

Because heating systems generally have combustive byproducts, these major appliances need an annual check up for safety reasons.


2) Health.

Heating system preventative maintenance also involves cleaning the system to promote clean indoor air quality.


3) Energy savings.

During the preventative maintenance check up, a heating contractor conducts a tune up of the comfort system, tweaking its energy efficiency. Because dirt inhibits the system from warming the home, the heating system works harder.


4) Life extension.

Heating system preventative maintenance not only promotes the health, safety and energy efficiency of the home’s comfort system, but also extends the life of your heating unit.


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