What It Takes to Reduce Energy Costs in Edwardsville, IL

Around the average Belleville and Edwardsville, IL household, several appliances attribute to the monthly energy bill. With the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicting a chilly winter, homeowners concerned about shrinking carbon footprint or lowering monthly heating bill costs have several approaches to institute.


Heating system

It’s not inconceivable that some appliances are not as energy efficient as others. Belleville and Edwardsville, IL equipped with an air handler, heat pump, or geothermal system do not expend the same energy as conventional heating systems.


Preventative maintenance is prevalently overlooked until the heating system begins to malfunction. A yearly heating checkup optimizes the unit’s energy efficiency. When heating systems forgo preventative care for a year, it increases energy consumption 5%.


“Conventional heating systems already waste 20 to 25%. In particular, heating systems over 10 years old and models with an 80 annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE),” informs a technician of Hoffmann Brother’s Heating and cooling systems.


Insulate windows and doors, to alleviate drafty rooms.


Open window dressings to absorb the sun’s warmth on days when the sun is shining.


Energy Star qualifies programmable thermostats reduce energy consumption for the average Belleville and Edwardsville, IL households by 7 to 15%. Because these temperature gauge monitors enable homeowners to program the climate as needed or according to occupancy.


Unplug lighting fixtures and appliances that are used to curtail unnecessary energy consumption.


Entrap heat in each room by keeping doors shut. To maximize efficiency, it’s completely acceptable to close a fifth of the air vent in a Belleville and Edwardsville, IL household.


Extend the lifespan and energy efficiency of your heating system. Schedule preventative maintenance in Belleville and Edwardsville, IL.


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