What is AFUE?

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Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, or AFUE, measures the energy efficiency of a gas furnace in percentages. The higher the percentage of AFUE, the greater the efficiency. Every U.S. furnace is at least 78% AFUE because of government regulations. The AFUE number indicates the amount of gas used when your furnace is on. For example, a furnace with 90% AFUE wastes 10% of the gas that it uses to heat your home.

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Of course, AFUE directly correlates to how much money you spend when heating your home in the winter. When you have a furnace with 90% AFUE, you spend $1 on natural gas but only 90 cents of that dollar heat your home (the rest escapes as exhaust).

The higher the AFUE, the less fuel used and the less money you spend on heating. If you’re considering installing a new furnace, factor in AFUE. If you buy a high AFUE furnace, you will save more money over the lifetime of the HVAC unit.

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AFUE also measures other appliance’s efficiencies. Look for a high AFUE also for your boilers and water heaters when installing a new heating unit. If you already have a high efficiency furnace and you notice that your heating bills have increased, call a technician to inspect your furnace for gas leaks. AFUE only measures the efficiency of combustion, but doesn’t represent heat loss from gas leaks, lack of insulation, or air duct leakage.

Hoffmann Brothers has served the St. Louis community for over 40 years for heating & cooling. We carry a range of AFUE furnaces, boilers, and water heatersRequest a bid online for a furnace free estimate or call us at 314-664-3011.

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