What happens if I don’t get a furnace tune up?

We’ve all learned about the importance of eating our fruits and veggies. These healthy food groups are part of nutrition 101, doctor’s orders, and sage counsel from mom. But even the latest government food pyramid and an abundance of Edwardsville farmers’ markets don’t always keep us from falling short.

Most Edwardsville, IL homeowners have also heard about the importance of an annual furnace tune up. Keeping your end of the heating bargain once a year should be much easier than sticking to your daily diet. Now that the season of preventative maintenance is upon us, here are some consequences of neglecting your furnace check up.

#1 Furnace failure on one of the coldest days of the year

It’s not ironic that furnaces fail on the coldest days of the year. Remember your furnace works the hardest to maintain warm interior air when the outside temperature dips. If damage and wear are already compromising its normal operation, a furnace working overtime is certainly susceptible to failure.

#2 Small repairs fester into bigger problems

A preventative maintenance visit in Edwardsville, IL includes not only cleaning and calibrating, but also checking for wear and tear. Remember your furnace operated for an entire heating season since its last check up. Simple part replacements are much less expensive than the complex problems they can create across your entire heating system.

#3 Compromised safety in your home

Most Edwardsville, IL homes have a gas-burning furnace. This fuel is effective and efficient for heating your home in the winter, but it’s not safe without precautions. Consider the risk of carbon monoxide leaks in your home. Hazards from this odorless invisible gas can be prevented with a thorough inspection of your furnace heat exchanger.

#4 Reduced furnace efficiency

Some homeowners justify skipping their annual furnace tune-up because they want to save money. This oversight is a mistake. Instead, these homeowners pay for the missed visit each and every month. They experience higher utility bills as their furnaces operate at reduced efficiency.

#5 Shorter furnace life expectancy

The heating system in your Edwardsville, IL home is an investment. You certainly don’t want to pay for a new furnace before its necessary. Homeowners who keep up with annual furnace preventative maintenance meet and exceed the quoted life expectancy.

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