The Role of Return Air Vents in the Heating Show

St. Louis puts on entertaining productions at the Fox each holiday season. Let’s use theater to better understand our heating needs this time of year. If your heating system were a Fox show, here’s how it might be cast: your furnace as the leading lady, your HVAC contractor as the stage manager, your thermostat as the electrical sound and lighting crew, and your supply air ductwork as the ushers.

The return air vents also play a critical behind-the-scenes role. Let’s call them the janitors. The return air ductwork cleans up and preps the stage for the next performance. After warm air has been called for by the thermostat, produced by the furnace, and distributed by the supply ductwork, you need the warmth maintained in your Oakville, MO home day and night, all week long, throughout the winter. The show must go on for the entire performance series.

Return Air Vents: Their Purpose

Warm air distributed to your home eventually loses its heat. The airflow equation is balanced when the cooled air makes it back to your furnace through return air vents. The return air vents accept the air that has lost its warmth and outlived its usefulness in your living space.

Return air vents also ensure the appropriate air balance in your Oakville, MO home. Even though much of the air in your home recirculates, the air is filtered and reconditioned on each passage through the furnace air handler. Return air vents clear the air in your home for a new supply of warm and filtered air.

Return Air Vents: Their Maintenance and Location

The behind-the-scenes crew of a theater production typically dresses in black to be inconspicuous. In the same way, your return air vents may be easily overlooked. But regular maintenance is important. Keep return air vents free of dirt, debris, and obstructions like furniture to achieve better airflow and consistent warming in your home.

In some older Oakville, MO homes, return air ductwork is centrally located in the floor. Ideally, every room with supply air vents has return air vents. This match-up ensures even warming in your home and neutral pressure, when the air output matches the air input to your furnace. While supply air ducts push warm air into your rooms, return air ducts help pull the cool air out.

Call Hoffmann Brothers at (314) 664-3011 to ensure you have the appropriate balance of supply and return air vents in your Oakville, MO home this winter. Our experts in ductwork sizing, quantity, and layout will earn your standing ovation.

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