The Real Danger of a Dirty Furnace Filter

Like getting an oil change in your car, regular air filter changes prevent expensive problems. Maybe you were always an overachiever. Your type A personality shines in school, work, and PTA meetings. If you’re exceeding the recommended MERV rating for your furnace filter using this mindset, you’re not doing yourself or your Chesterfield, MO heating system any favors.

A perfectionist wonders about illnesses caused by dust in the air. What about breathing in airborne contaminants? Surely a higher MERV value from an expensive filter makes the most sense?

In fact, the real danger is neglecting to change an air filter regularly. A clogged air filter damages your heating system, costs money, and sacrifices your comfort. Here’s a list of the real problems caused by a dirty furnace filter.

#1 You’ll be cold.
A clogged air filter reduces the airflow through your heating system. Less recycled air moves across your filter, to your heat exchanger, and back through your ductwork. The right volume of warm air doesn’t make it to your Chesterfield, MO living spaces.

#2 You’ll pay more for heating.
Your furnace will work to achieve the thermostat set point, regardless of the state of the filter. A clogged filter causes the furnace components to work harder and consume more energy. Expect to pay more on your month-to-month utility bills for a furnace with reduced efficiency.

#3 Your furnace could fail.
A dirty air filter supplies insufficient air to the heat exchanger and blower and causes them to accumulate dust. These parts of your furnace can overheat and crack. Over time, furnace wear and damage accumulates. While continuously replacing expensive parts, you may eventually need a complete premature replacement.

#4 Your home could become unsafe.
When your heat exchanger overheats and cracks, carbon monoxide can leak into your Chesterfield, MO home. Even low levels of this odorless, invisible gas are dangerous for your family. Remember many detectors only respond to high levels.

Call Hoffmann Brothers Heating and Cooling in Chesterfield, MO at (314) 664-3011 for a professional answer to the right type of air filter for your furnace. Or visit our website at to find out about our service club memberships, to simplify the maintenance of your heating system. Then, put your perfectionist tendencies to good use by changing your air filter regularly.

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