Stop Zapping Your Heating System’s Energy Resources

Fairview Heights IL HVAC Contractor Tells How to Trim Energy Waste

Among Fairview Heights IL and other Madison County homeowners, there’s a misconception that turning off lights and replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs *(CFL) are the end all, be all to drive down energy costs. Between all the gas and electric appliances in the average Fairview Heights household, the heating and cooling system zaps the greatest energy drain.

The most highly efficient heating and cooling system has a 95 percent AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency). The only problem is that numerous factors around the home can counter this energy efficiency conservation and savings on the monthly utility bill.

Windows and doors release drafty air in the winter. By insulating windows and doors with an ENERGY STAR certified application, Fairview Heights’ homeowners can complement a home’s energy efficiency of the heating system.


Energy zapper fix: Visit the for the appropriate insulation application.

Dirty air filters overexert a home’s comfort system, making it work twice as hard to warm the home. Because vents become laden with debris and dust, rooms are unable to achieve the temperature on the thermostat. Hence, the furnace, boiler or other heating system works overtime to sustain the designated temperature.

Energy zapper fix: Take a new filter and mark the date on the side. Every 30-days, replace the air filter to preserve the life of your heating and cooling system and maximize your home’s energy savings.

Leaky air ducts work against any energy efficient heating system. Air ducts embody a vacuum of space where substantial energy losses happen every hour of the day.

Fairview Heights IL energy fix: Hire an HVAC contractor to detect any leaks in your home’ air duct system.

Contact Hoffmann Brothers to check your air ducts for leaks at (314) 664-3011.

Improperly maintained HVAC systems as well as aging furnaces generally lack energy efficiency. Higher monthly utility bills to heat the home and a faulty home comfort system trigger the side affects of a heating system in need of maintenance or replacement.

Fairview Heights, IL heating repair: Schedule an HVAC appointment to diagnose whether the heating system needs repair or a replacement.

Whether your home needs heating maintenance, air duct sealing or a furnace replacement, this URL is the source for Fairview Heights IL residents.

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