Should You be Worried about Carbon Monoxide from Your Furnace?

Many homeowners in Brentwood, MO with a gas furnace worry about carbon monoxide leaking into their home. Since winter is just around the corner, now is the time to ensure your heating system will perform safely. Here are the causes and solutions for carbon monoxide in your home.

Causes of Carbon Monoxide in Your Home
Besides your furnace, sources of carbon monoxide include gas-powered dryers, oven ranges, stoves, and water heaters. The burning of natural gas is not completely efficient. Undesirable byproducts include carbon monoxide. The key is controlling the amount of gas emitted and restricting it to a safe level in your home.

Causes of carbon monoxide leaks from your furnace include improper venting, a cracked heat exchanger, and an inefficient unit. Inefficient furnaces transfer less heat energy into useful and desirable warm air for your home. Besides wasting money on energy, they can cause carbon monoxide leaks.

Solutions to Carbon Monoxide Leaks in Your Home
All Brentwood, MO homes need a carbon monoxide detector for this dangerous, odorless, invisible gas. Even a standard detector alerts your family to evacuate due to a high level of carbon monoxide. Consider a low-level carbon monoxide detector to add even further safety to your home. Place detectors in their proper locations and test them before each heating season. For more information on carbon monoxide and safety visit

The solution to furnace leaks of carbon monoxide is either a repair or replace. First, schedule a Brentwood, MO licensed and trained contractor to evaluate your furnace annually and check for leaks. Second, follow the recommendations of an experienced heating and cooling professional.

Some repairs are possible. Flue-venting conditions can be improved. Similarly, furnace efficiency can be restored through cleaning and part replacement. Regularly changing the filter after service will keep your furnace from overheating and reduce the risk of cracking the heat exchanger.

If the heat exchanger is cracked, a newer, more efficient furnace with a long life expectancy is often a worthwhile investment. You’ll avoid a series of expensive service calls, band-aids for damage accumulation over time, and an emergency failure in the middle of winter.

Call Hoffmann Brothers Heating and Cooling at: (314) 664-3011 to ensure safe furnace operation from the first day you turn it on through the entire heating season. A Hoffmann Brothers preventative maintenance visit includes comprehensive gas leak detection and repair. Be one of many smart Brentwood, MO homeowners who call us for peace of mind this winter.

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