Should I worry about a burning smell from my furnace?

Pleasant smells in your Fenton, MO home include freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, bacon sizzling on a weekend morning, and pine from your authentic Christmas tree. Unpleasant smells include forgotten towels in the washing machine or a mudroom full of baseball cleats. Besides good and bad smells, consider the alarming smells.
A burning smell from your furnace fits the alarm category.

When a Furnace Burning Smell is Normal

A burning smell from your furnace the first time you flip it on for the season is normal. Dust accumulates on the components of your heating system during its dormant seasons. When you switch the furnace into operation, the dust is scorched and the smell travels through your ductwork.

Expect the burning smell to last for a couple of hours. One tip is to turn on your furnace on a mild day when you can open the windows.

When a Furnace Burning Smell is Bad

Sometimes a burning smell from your furnace shouldn’t be ignored. “If the smell after you switch on the furnace for the first time doesn’t dissipate, the problem may be larger than an initial layer of dust,” warns a licensed contractor in Fenton, MO.

A burning smell could be due to a clogged air filter. A dirty filter isn’t doing its job of removing the dust, so the dust burning continues. In addition, a clogged filter causes the furnace to work too hard. Components like the blower can’t achieve adequate air flow across the heat exchanger. Your heating system parts can overheat.

Some burning smells originate from the electrical components of your heating system. Worn electrical parts can overheat and cause a fire.

Follow Your Nose to Hoffmann Brothers

A preventative maintenance visit every fall is recommended. A qualified Hoffmann Brothers contractor will clean off dust, replace worn parts, and prevent the damage accumulation that reduces efficiency and causes premature furnace failure. We also check the state of your air filter, balance and lubricate your blower, and replace worn electrical components.

Call (314) 664-3011 for a preventative maintenance tune up for your furnace before you flip it on for season. You deserve a home that smells and feels great this winter season

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