Preventative Maintenance on the Heating System Saves Lives

Assuring your home’s safety exceeds having a good home insurance policy, fire or CO detector. On the heating system, the furnace and heat exchanger house combustive elements, necessitating preventative maintenance or even a furnace or heat exchanger replacement. Hoffmann Brother’s Heating Contractors highlights what St. Clair homeowner’s should know about the heating system and carbon monoxide.


Heat exchangers are the culprit of many heating malfunctions in St. Clair County. Serving as the transfer point where heat from the flue enters the home, overtime its metal parts crack and split in the heating system.


With fissures and corrosion in the heat exchanger, gases escape from the hot flue. This is a release of carbon monoxide (CO), which has fatal consequences. (Carbon monoxide is generally odorless and invisible, hence it can go undetected causing CO poisoning.)


Hoffmann Brother’s reports: Three different elements attribute CO poisoning in the home: a faulty heat exchanger, obstructed gas vents and incomplete combustion. It is noteworthy that the last two causes a blocked vent and partial combustion)

are often sparked by a heat exchanger problem.


Another byproduct of a faulty heat exchanger is how it causes pressure changes in the furnace, promoting poor combustion. When a furnace is unable to completely burn fossil fuels, carbon monoxide production increases.


Did you know: Most heat exchanger repairs are costlier than the average heat exchanger and furnace replacement.


“Safety is not the only reason to schedule preventative maintenance on the home’s comfort system. Annual heating tune-ups leverage your energy savings up to 17%,” attests a representative of Hoffmann Brothers.


Schedule preventative maintenance on your furnace, heat exchanger and other heating systems in St. Clair County with Hoffmann Brothers. (Don’t forget to claim a discount here

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