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Ductless heating systems afford numerous advantages for the Webster Groves household, facing an HVAC system replacement this fall. Hoffmann Brother’s Heating and Cooling identifies seven facts and reasons for Webster Groves homeowners to consider:

Because ductless mini split systems condition both hot and cool air, these heating and cooling systems go by a few monikers: a ductless heating system, ductless cooling system and or a ductless system.

For an entire Webster Groves household, a ductless heating system can be used as an alternative to a ducted system.

Functioning comparable to a heat pump, ductless systems cycle refrigerant between an indoor and outdoor unit. In the heat mode, an indoor coil assumes the role of condenser and the outdoor unit acts as an evaporator. When the ductless heating system is in the cooling mode, its coils switch refrigerant responsibilities, absorbing and releasing functions (between liquid and gaseous states).

The underlying difference between a ductless cooling system and a standard split heat pump is the indoor unit layout. The split heat pump has one indoor unit versus the multiple indoor units, contained by the blower fan and refrigerant coil of the ductless system.

With a ductless system, there are multiple indoor units that contain a blower fan and a refrigerant coil.   Individual power and refrigerant lines connect each room’s blowers to the outdoor cabinet of the ductless heating system.

Please contact Hoffmann Brother heating and cooling to determine if a ductless system installation is suitable for your Webster Groves’ property.

A ductless heating system appeals to a household looking to curtail energy costs. Because these systems do not rely on duct systems to condition air, there is less energy loss. Hence, ductless systems are quite efficient, directly generating air to each room.

Control flexibility represents another redeeming feature on a ductless heating system. Controlled by each room or a thermostat, household occupants have the ability to manage warmth and coolness according to his or her personal preference. Not to mention, for an added energy savings, a ductless system allows Webster Groves homeowners to shutdown heating or cooling in certain rooms.

During operation, many Webster Groves homeowners rave about the ductless system’s quietness.

If you’re interested in a reliable ductless system installation, or financing options, please visit Hoffmann Brothers heating and cooling at here

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