Is it Too Late for a Heating Checkup + Care in St Louis City?

If safety and curtailing household expenses are important to you, it’s not too late to schedule a heater unit-maintenance checkup,” prescribes a spokesperson of Hoffmann Brothers heating and cooling in St. Louis City.


Preventative maintenance on the furnace and other component of the heating systems doubles as an extra layer protection. During a heating checkup, a technician will not only inspect parts for corrosion, wear and tear, but the inspection involves cleaning.


An accumulation of dust and debris may block vent lines, causing a buildup of carbon monoxide poisoning; especially, if the front of the cabinet walls are loose.


Carbon monoxide (CO) poison continues to plague households across America. Because carbon monoxide is invisible and odorless, the pollutant goes undetected. Carbon monoxide detectors are only a facet of keeping your family safe.


FYI: Carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms include headaches, nausea, shortness of breath, fatigue and dizziness.


A heating contractor can also identify damaged gas connections that could ultimately lead to a fire or even an explosion. (Caution is advised if you hear a roaring, hissing or whistling sound coming from a gas appliance or line).


In the event that a gas line connection is damaged, evacuate the home and immediately call a local heating contractor or the gas company. Make sure that nothing flammable is in use.


Don’t forget to replace any filters more than 30 days old. Some households in St Louis benefit from a high efficiency HEPA filter to clear the home of airborne contaminants from recirculating in the home.


The addition of a Lennox Pure Air Purification system complements the indoor air quality of your home.


ENERGY SAVINGS TIP: Did you know that a maintained heating unit affords 5 to 15% more efficiency than an improperly cared for HVAC system?


Heating systems reliant on fossil fuels call for annual maintenance to assure safety.


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