Is it Time to Call a HVAC Contractor for a Repair or a Replacement?

Certain repetitive heating system failures are indicative of the need for a system replacement. Whether the furnace, boiler or heating systems are aging or rooms are drafty, a heating contractor can diagnose the temperature control problem.  Here are a few ways to evaluate the health of your heating and cooling system:

Constant heating repairs
The need for constant heating or furnace repairs is generally a warning sign that a heating or cooling system is not providing efficiency, indicating the potential need for a replacement. An ENERGY STAR certified heating contractor could diagnose the safest, energy efficient solution for heating the home.

An aging Heating system
The age of the heat pumpfurnace, or boiler determines whether an HVAC system replacement is inevitable. Since, older heating and cooling systems are not manufactured for energy efficiency, most heating contractors contend that a unit replacement represents an approximate 20 percent savings in heating and cooling the home.

Older furnaces are other parts of the heating and cooling system that require an update, every 15 years. As furnaces are the most popular residential heating systems in America, Hoffmann Brothers recommends ENERGY STAR qualified boilers and furnaces, offering 5% and 15 % more efficiency, respectively than conventional boilers and furnaces.

There are three underlying advantages for choosing ENERGY STAR efficient heating and cooling systems, furnaces and boilers:

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Temperature inconsistencies
Rooms releasing too much air, maintaining heat or emitting humidity, are symptomatic of a heating system replacement.  The St Louis area heating contractor, Hoffmann Brothers advises, “If certain rooms in the home feel colder or hotter than other rooms, it is an indication of one of the following problems: a faulty heating and cooling system, insufficient insulation, or a malfunction in the ducts.

Depending on your home’s heating requirements, you maybe eligible for significant rebates, savings, and more! Request a free estimate here or if you are needing service on your heating system for the fall, request service.

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