How Zoning Scores Points on the Heating Court

A zone defense in basketball has some advantages over man-to-man. Fewer players effectively block the basket and the defense conserves energy by guarding the area where shots most frequently score. In the same way, a zoned heating system allows your furnace to block cold air where it matters most and use less energy to effectively heat your Webster Groves, MO home.

Here’s the playbook for a zoned heating system.

The Key Players for Zoned Heating

• Thermostats for each zone
• Electronic automated dampers for the supply vents to each zone
• Your existing furnace and ductwork
• A temperature plan for each zone

The Strategy for Zoned Heating

Your furnace will continue to operate as usual. However, it will only be called into action if one of your zones deviates from its thermostat set point. A different set point temperature is possible for each of your zones.

Consider your comfort preferences in the living room versus the basement versus the bedroom. For example, you may have a family of inconsistent sleepers. A daughter who wears flannel pajamas and uses a down blanket may prefer a different temperature than your husband who wears a t-shirt and uses only the top sheet.

A zoned heating system is smart and automated. The typical warm air will flow through your ductwork. But it will only be released through the vents in the zones where it’s needed. Electronic dampers inside the ductwork will open or close to control the airflow to the zone.

The Results of Zoned Heating

Zoned heating reduces energy bills, keeps you comfortable, and provides family peace in the case of thermostat settings. Your furnace can consume less energy heating your entire Webster Groves home with a system that responds to the unique requirements of each zone.

Homeowners can lower the temperature set point in unoccupied rooms or bedrooms with hot sleepers. The dampers to that area will close. Conversely, the temperature in naturally drafty areas can be increased. The dampers to that area will open without overheating the rest of the home.

Call Hoffmann Brothers in Webster Groves at (314) 664-3011 for heating solutions that fit your zones and your budget. It’s not to late to start saving utility dollars on zoned heating this winter. And be sure to check out our coupons at:

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