Hoffmann Brothers Thanksgiving Dinner Checklist

For the residents of St Charles County, who are hosting a Thanksgiving Day Dinner, there’s much to do for the beginning of the holiday season. From preparing the home to planning the menu, this checklist should help keep all chores in perspective.


Operation organize.

Make note of any summer decorations that may clash with the Thanksgiving Day theme, and relocate these items to a safe storage place.


A spokesperson of Hoffmann Brothers advises,” Don’t forget to remove all leaves from the gutter. An accumulation of leaves in the gutter may trigger other unwanted events in the home.


From the foyer, mud room, coffee table to the kitchen, de-clutter these spaces to ensure a comfortable and warm environment for your guests.


Don’t forget to give the proper burial to any plants or flowers barely hanging on from the summer.


Operation clean up.

Using a damp cloth, apply an eco-friendly cleaner to refresh cabinets. Don’t forget to give the oven a good cleaning, according to the manufactures instructions.


Remember to open windows or a door to release any carbon monoxide poisoning.


Sanitize it.

Run an empty load of the dishwasher.


Toss old leftovers, creating space to accommodate the turkey and the rest of the menu.

Because the refrigerator will be filled with food, refreshen shelves with a cloth misted with antibacterial cleaner.


If the home’s heating system has not had a tune up, schedule it sometime before the year’s end.


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Create the menu.

Thanksgiving Day menus vary from family to family. Select items that you are familiar with preparing. Also, develop a menu considering your guest’s special dietary requirements.


Take inventory.

Take out all China ware, silver and other serving platters.


Find time to relax….


We wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving Dinner.

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