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How to ease the stress of Thanksgiving Day preparations and entertaining… Use these tips provided by a premier St. Louis heating system company

The holidays are quite often a time when households reevaluate the heating system and needs. There’s nothing worse than having a house full of guests and not enough hot water to keep everyone on schedule. The premier St. Louis heating and cooling system provides some quick fixes for easing Thanksgiving Day entertaining this year.

Winterize before the holiday rush. Two weeks before Thanksgiving Day is a primetime to winterize the home. Add weather-strips around windows. Have the heating system checked. Don’t wait for arctic temperatures to strike to discover the harsh reality that the heating system is working improperly.

Make interior alterations. Rearrange furniture to ease traffic flow around the home. Sanitize restrooms and tidy up guest quarters.

Clear the air. Around the home, dust surfaces, and change the air filter on the heating system to reduce airborne allergens. Be sure to vacuum carpets, drapery and the heating system’s air vents.

Let the countdown begin.

Reduce the temperature on the thermostat. On Thanksgiving Day, with the oven in overdrive and the house full of warm bodies, your home should be generating enough heat to lower the heating system’s thermostat by five to ten degrees, particularly in climates where the outdoor temperature is above 45 degrees.

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy Thanksgiving Day.

Start winterizing now, contact St Louis’ Heating System company for a check up.

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