Heating Contractor Gives National Preparedness Month Advice

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In observance of National Preparedness Month Advice, Hoffmann Bros a heating contractor serving the communities of St. Louis City, offers advice and tips for property owners.

The Boston Bombing, Hurricane Sandy and the tornado that destroyed Joplin, Missouri are memorable times in America. These tragedies suggest the importance of being prepared for an emergency in St. Louis City.

Since September 11, the U.S, has designated September as National Preparedness Month. In the event of a tragedy, how prepared are the members of your household? Does your family or networks of friends and neighbor have an emergency contingency plan? What about an emergency kit?

September 11 symbolizes the importance of emergency preparedness in America.

While major catastrophes are often unpreventable, St. Louis City homeowners can take several basic steps to reduce the risk of a setback.

Around the home, heating systems and plumbing systems account for the greatest safety concerns. Flooding accounts for millions in damages each year. “St. Louis City homeowners skirt exorbitant repairs with regular maintenance,” declares a local plumbing specialist.

In addition to maintaining the home’s heating, cooling systems and plumbing St. Louis City families should establish a family disaster plan. The plan should include designating a disaster recovery site, and how to seek secure shelter.

”Create an emergency disaster kit if your household does not already have one,” advises a St. Louis City heating contractor.

The home’s furnace and heating system represents another opportunity for disaster. Poorly maintained heating system is as dangerous as a pipe bomb. Both are highly combustive and flammable. In other words, forgoing preventative maintenance on the home’s comfort system is tantamount to increasing an unwanted scenario.


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In honor of National Disaster Preparedness Month, be sure to create an emergency kit if your family has not done so already. For additional information on being prepared please visit. DisasterSafety.gov


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