Heating Contractor Addresses Heating Preventative Maintenance Q&A

Hoffmann Brothers, a leading heating contractor, serving St. Charles County responds to common questions on preventative maintenance.


If the heating system for my St. Charles County home was repaired in 2012, is preventative maintenance necessary?

Heating systems, which use gas, propane and other fossil fuels call for annual check ups. Preventative maintenance assures that your heating unit is working properly and safely to warm your St. Charles County home.


When is the best time to schedule preventative maintenance for the home’s heating system?

An optimal time to schedule preventative maintenance on your heating system ranges between the end of the summer or at the beginning of autumn. In the event a replacement part or new system is necessary, you have adequate time to plan before the temperatures drop.


What does a heating specialist do during a heating system check up?

Heating specialists approach preventative maintenance in different ways. Some experts are thorough, while others do the bear minimum. Hoffmann Brothers, a heating contractor, who has been serving St. Charles County residents for several decades, inspects more than 20 different components of the heating system.


What signs indicate that a new heating system is necessary?

In general, heating systems over 10 years of age often call for an upgrade. But it depends on the system. If your heating bill has increased by more than 20% over the last decade, a new heating unit may be an option. Also, if the annual fuel utilization efficiency is below 83, then it may be a good time to shop around.


Schedule an energy audit for your heating system in St. Charles County.

If I downloaded a heating maintenance DIY video on YouTube, can I forgo preventative maintenance on my furnace and heating system?

Only a licensed heating contractor has the expertise to inspect, repair and tweak a heating system in St. Charles County. The components of a heating system are comprised of combustive or potentially dangerous parts. As a result, a DIY video does not replace the expertise of a licensed contractor.


Do any St. Charles County heating and cooling contractors discount service calls?

Some heating and cooling contractors of St. Charles County do offer discounts. Coupons are generally in the telephone directory. However, the heating and cooling contractor Hoffmann Brothers displays its coupons prominently on its website.


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