Facts on Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in St. Louis

When was the last time your gas furnace or water heater was checked? “These are not the type of appliances that can go ignored,” declares a representative of Hoffmann Brother’s heating and cooling service.


Although carbon monoxide detectors are designed to prevent CO2 poisoning, St. Louis homeowners should be aware of appliances that produce the life threatening toxin. A water heater, gas clothing dryer, gas fireplace, furnace and any other fossil fuels-reliant appliances necessitate for proper maintenance and safety instructions in order to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.


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Did you know 476 carbon monoxide related deaths happen each year in the state of Missouri?


Autumn logs the second highest rate of carbon monoxide death. December, January and February illustrate the highest cases of CO2 poisoning in Missouri.


Heating systems, gasoline powered generators, space heaters, portable stoves and exposure to motor vehicle fumes contribute the greatest number of carbon monoxide fatalities.


What makes carbon monoxide poisoning so fatal?

Carbon monoxide is an invisible and odorless toxin. Carbon monoxide poisoning transpires after breathing the gas. Undetected, carbon monoxide can put someone in a coma, resulting in permanent brain damage or death.


What are some of the symptoms associated with carbon monoxide poisoning?

Symptoms of CO2 Poisoning include: chest pain, headaches, disorientation, irritability, shortness of breath, poor coordination, nausea, breathing difficulties, an abnormal heart beat and chest pain.


How do I prevent carbon monoxide poisoning?

Carbon monoxide detectors are one tactic to prevent CO2 poisoning. Because CO detectors have an expiration date, be sure to check the date. Also, remember to review the CO detectors instructions, to determine if your St. Louis home needs more than one unit.


Do any home appliances release carbon monoxide poisoning?

Major appliances, which rely on fossil fuels, necessitate preventative maintenance each year. In particular, furnaces and heating systems require an annual checkup to ensure safety. Protect your home’s most precious commodity: the heating and cooling system with preventative maintenance by Hoffmann Brothers.


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