Does My Gas Furnace Need a Repair or Replacement?

Is your gas furnace about to go on the fritz? Furnaces exude many warning signs before failing. Gas furnaces are intricate systems. Noises, running for extended periods of time, or when the pilot light is unable to keep its flame, all suggest that either a repair or furnace replacement is inevitable.

Troubleshooting an Inoperable Gas Furnace

Short of replacing the air filter, homeowners don’t usually have the expertise to fix these systems responsible for heating and cooling the home. A specialist in St. Louis offers the following troubleshooting tips on diagnosing a faulty furnace

Does you system stay on all the time?

Have you replaced the air filter in the last 90 days?

Is the furnace making abnormal noises?

If your gas furnace is not working, first check your thermostat to verify your home’s interior temperature. Lower or raise the temperature to trick the furnace into turning on. Next, check the circuit breaker. If it is shut off, the furnace will be inoperable.

A dirty air filter can trigger the furnace not to work. Air filter replacements are needed every month during the peak of the winter and summer seasons.

If your furnace does not work after checking the circuit breaker, thermostat and air filter, most likely a repair is necessary.

Gas furnaces should turn off from time-to-time to ease energy consumption and for safety reasons.

But, a furnace repair is not the type of fix to be deferred.

Gas Furnace Noises

Squealing, shrill noises on the furnace are often due to a slipping fan motor belt, lack of lubrication or a deteriorating belt.

If a grinding noise is coming from the furnace, it could be due to faulty ball bearings on the blower. Most likely, a gas furnace repair call should solve the problem.

If your gas furnace is more than 10 years old, it is most likely too late for preventative maintenance or a repair. In Saint Louis City, homeowners rely on Hoffmann Brothers for fast reliable furnace repairs and replacements.

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