Celebrate No Brainer Day, The Savvy Way

Des Peres MO: Heating Contractor Prescribes 6 Smart Household Tips

No Brainer day falls on February 27 every year. For the homeowners of Des Peres, there are a slew of savvy approaches to recognizing this day.

Seal it.

Just because winter is on its way out doesn’t mean that Des Peres homeowners should forego sealing up drafty doors and windows. Sealing these openings now also supports energy conservation in the summer.

Program it.

One of the easiest approaches to recoup as much as 15% on the monthly heating bill is via a programmable thermostat. In the daytime, program the thermostat at least five degrees below the comfortable setting of the evening, when the home is occupied. Then prior to bedtime, the thermostat can be set at another temperature to assure an energy savings all day long.

Improve it.

For the sake of your family’s health and to improve indoor air quality, be sure to change air the comfort system’s air filter every 30 days.

Upgrade it.

If you’re planning to replace heating and cooling system, consider an energy efficient model, with a high annual fuel utilization efficiency and seasonal energy efficiency ratio.

“If you don’t plan to sell your home in the next 20 years, consider a geothermal heating and cooling system. These EPA approved renewable HVAC systems afford Des Peres homeowners at least a 40% savings in annual heating and cooling costs. More importantly, geothermal systems qualify for a 30% tax credit.

Fix it.

If your furnace has been releasing unusual noises, or the pilot light is an orange color, schedule a heating service call before it goes on the fritz. Homeowners tend to postpone these repair calls, which often morph into a replacement.

Claim it.

As for saving on your next heating or cooling house call in Des Peres, be sure to redeem this discountat Hoffmann Brother heating and cooling.

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