An Exercise in Well Being, Energy Savings + Home Safety

Preventative maintenance is not an exercise in futility. Caring for the home’s furnace and heating system offers three underlying benefits to your household. A comfortable climate, energy conservation and safety characterize the overwhelming benefits of preventative maintenance. Here are several more exercises to assure the performance, safety and well-being of your home’s HVAC system.


Air Filter Refill

For healthy people asthmatic patients, allergy sufferers, and individuals with respiratory ailments, airborne contaminants from a dirty air filter hampers indoor air quality. With regular air filter replacements, homeowners achieve three goals: promote indoor air quality, complement energy efficiency, and extend the life of the heating system.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency contends that many American households indoor air quality is worse than industrial parks.


The Squeaks…

Don’t ignore unusual sounds such as squeaking, rattling and jangling. A clanky heating system foretells a heating system on the verge of a breakdown. Schedule preventative maintenance before the heating system fails you.


Harmonize Consumption

When the heating system stays on to maintain a constant temperature, schedule a checkup right away.   A perpetually running heating system escalates the monthly bill. It is also a red flag for another underlying problem. Schedule preventative maintenance before the heating system goes on the fritz, indefinitely.


Pump up the Home’s Energy Efficiency

The U.S. Energy Department says that for every degree reduced on the thermostat is the equivalent to a 1% savings on the monthly energy bill.


By using a programmable thermostat, and reducing the temperature when the home is unoccupied and during bedtime, a household has the ability to trim energy cost associated with heating the home by 10%.


Assure Progress

When properly used, a programmable thermostat assures constant energy efficiency and lower monthly utility bills. Set a schedule for the heating system to run from 6:30 AM to 9 AM and again from 5 PM. until 11PM.


By automating lower temperatures, your home maintains a constant reduction in energy consumption. However, regular air filter replacements and annual maintenance influence this energy efficiency.


Schedule heating system maintenance with St. Louis’ preferred heating contractor.


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