3 Quick Tips for Furnaces and Heat Pumps

Furnaces and Heat Pumps St. Louis

Whether you have an electric heat pump or an 80%, 90%, 95% efficiency furnace that is single stage, 2 stages or modulating – you know that your heat will be running in these upcoming months. That’s why we want to share these 3 quick tips to help you keep your heat pump or furnace working optimally through the colder months. If you use these tips, you can help reduce the chance for malfunctions, breakdowns, and inefficiencies that lead to higher utility bills this Fall and Winter.

Furnace Filters St. Louis

  1. Change the filter regularly.

This is such an important, easy and inexpensive thing that most homeowners can do on their own. Don’t allow your furnace’s filter to clog with lint, dust, pet dander and other debris! It will choke off airflow which causes a variety of problems. When there’s a lack of airflow across a heat pump coil or furnace heat exchanger, the heating unit must run more and work harder. Not only does this mean less heated air in your rooms but also means higher utility bills.

Finally, having a clogged filter can have disastrous effects. If debris passes through the furnace filter and into the furnace itself, this can cause your entire unit to fail leading to costly repairs or replacement.

Ventilation St. Louis

  1. Keep room vents clear and open.

Make sure that your vents or air registers are unobstructed so that they can deliver the heated air from the furnace or heat pump to your rooms. This will allow the room to heat up properly and avoids extra stress on your heating unit. If your system doesn’t properly “breathe” or ventilate, your heating unit’s static pressure will change. Static pressure is the measure of how easily air can flow in and out of your furnace or heat pump, through your ventilation system and into your home. Proper static pressure is extremely important—so important that every manufacturer’s furnace installation instructions require static pressure not to exceed a certain point.

Also, don’t close your vents by closing the dampers behind the grill. Instead of saving energy, this causes pressure to increase in your HVAC system which can cause damage and system failure.

Heating St. Louis

  1. Have the air ducts sealed.

Sometimes your ductwork is filled with small air holes and gaps, usually at joints or elbows. These small gaps are equivalent to having one large hole, leading to large losses of energy. Your furnace will work even harder because of the lost heat escaping through the leaks in your air ducts. If you have this problem, you may want to consider ductless heating.

If you need a HVAC contractor that you can trust with all of your heating and cooling needs, then call the professionals at Hoffmann Brothers. Our expert technicians can service, repair or replace any furnace or heat pump. Contact us here or call us at (314) 664-3011.

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