Ask the Mechanical Contractor: Which is Better a Gas Furnace or Geothermal System?

Q: Our corporation owns an office complex in Maryland Heights, Missouri. Over the last three years, we’ve seen energy expenditures jump by 40 -percent. Our facility faces the challenge of replacing an antiquated furnace for three adjoining buildings. Which energy tax incentive offers the best value for our commercial property: a gas furnace or a geothermal system.

A:  The state of Missouri in conjunction with the federal government is affording commercial properties with an assortment of energy tax incentives. Natural gas, geothermal heating systems, solar and wind turbine energy are four alternative energy options. Commercial buildings in St. Louis qualify for the replacement of an outmoded heating and cooling system with a geothermal system or an upgrade to a high efficiency gas furnace and boiler.

The type of gas furnace or geothermal system depends on the layout of your complex. If all share the same concourse, only a single gas furnace maybe an option. However, commercial properties with separate towers have different engineering requirements.
Additionally, Laclede Gas Company, the behemoth energy company of Missouri designated qualified heating and cooling companies serving St. Louis, St. Charles and Jefferson counties as authorized service providers.

Hoffmann Brothers is one of Laclede Gas Company’s authorized heating and cooling companies.

Another alternative is a geothermal system, which the federal government is extending tax credits and rebates through various programs. Geothermal systems allow commercial properties to spread the tax benefits and credits over several years. Additional resources and assessment tools are available via Energy Star and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Hoffmann Brothers provides complimentary Energy assessments, using the EPA’s benchmarks and products approved via the Energy Star Program.

Since most commercial spaces possess distinctive architectural features that influence the best energy application, a mechanical engineer can provide an energy audit, identifying whether a gas furnace or the a geothermal system is the most conducive.

Moreover, be sure to request an bid from one of our Commercial advisors to determine which application offers a viable return on investment.

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