Commercial Dehumidification for Your St Louis Business

Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors take commercial indoor air quality seriously. We can help any St Louis business with humidity levels for the office or industrial applications. Humidity levels are critical for many applications, when humidity is too high, the space becomes uncomfortable and mold can grow. Mold grows about 50% of the time when humidity levels are not under control. In order to have a healthy building environment, humidity control is critical. Our engineers can make your business not only comfortable but safe for your employees and products. Call today at 314-664-3011 to get a free estimate on humidity controls or dehumidification for your building in St Louis, MO.

Commercial Humidity Control St Louis

Humidity Control is critical in certain industrial processes and applications. Hoffmann Brothers’ technicians are trained to service and install dehumidification systems. One of the many industries that uses dehumidification systems are pharmaceutical companies. Humidity levels can highly affect the production of pills. The casing of the pill is designed to deteriorate when in contact with moisture, so they are typically filled in low humidity conditions that use an industrial dehumidification system. Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors performed work for Nomax, a St Louis based pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Our engineers installed a dehumidification system that used a combination of refrigerated dryers and desiccant dryers to achieve a 15% humidity level in their pill filling area. This is just one of the many dehumidification systems the engineers at Hoffmann Brothers has designed and installed for St Louis area businesses. If you would like a free estimate on a dehumidification system, call us at 314-664-3011.

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The building in which your St Louis business occupies has an HVAC system that can also dehumidify. 20% of a typical air conditioner’s energy is dedicated to humidity removal, while 80% of the energy is dedicated to dropping temperature. In most cases, this is adequate humidity removal. Having a properly sized HVAC system is critical to improve humidity removal. If the air conditioning system is oversized, it will run for a short time, cool the building, but not remove humidity from the space. Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors can come out and perform a full load calculation to ensure your HVAC systems is properly sized to ensure that your system will allow for humidity removal. If the system is not properly sized, or if you need to add a dehumidifier on to the system, then our engineers can design a particular Dehumidification system for your location and HVAC unit. To get a free estimate, call Hoffmann Brothers at 314-664-3011/

For more information about a dehumidification system, dehumidifiers or humidifier for you St Louis location, please call our engineers at 314-664-3011 or you can request a bid here.

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