UV Lights for Your St Louis Business

Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors know commercial indoor air quality. We have installed and serviced so many UV lights across the St Louis area. UV Treatment is critical to many types of business applications. UV lights are highly effective in eliminating up to 99.9% of mold spores in your HVAC system. These ultra violet treatment systems can kill up to 87% of certain airborne bacteria passing by the system. UV lights are very critical in hospital settings, where a lot of bacteria and viruses are present. UV lights also help maintain system efficiency and airflow, which saves money by not allowing your system to run more effectively when in use. To get more information on what Hoffmann Brothers can install in your St Louis business to help with indoor air quality, contact one of our engineers at 314-664-3011 or request a bid here.

Ultra Violet Germicidal Lights – Serving the Greater St Louis Area

One of the most important issues relating to indoor air quality is mold growth. Mold can grow in your St Louis area building or on your HVAC system. Mold is a serious issue that our engineers come across more often than not, and a lot of times our clients have no idea they had a mold issue. These germicidal UV lights eliminate mold growth on the cooling coils of the air conditioner and help kill airborne bacteria that can recirculate in the office, production or commercial space. Our UV products offer practical and cost-effective solutions for HVAC system disinfection in your St Louis commercial property. These UV lights provide indoor air quality and sterilize surface and airborne mold, bacteria, viruses, and allergens. To learn more about our UV lights and how they can help your business environment and improve the indoor air quality, call us at 314-664-3011.

Commercial UV Light Systems St Louis

UV Lights can not only help kill mold, bacteria, viruses and allergens, but it can help eliminate odors, toxins, chemical, and vapors. UV Lights benefit HVAC systems in two ways:

Surface Disinfection: Mold and bacteria breed in cool, moist interiors of the air systems. The microbial growth reduces air system efficiency. The mold and bacteria that forms on the coil, needs continuous cleaning and disinfecting. The UV light can destroy the DNA of microorganisms, which prevents them from reproducing and effectively kills them.

  • Airborne Disinfection: UV lights are great for killing airborne germs, viruses, mold, allergens and more. These ultra violet lights are great in pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, operating rooms, and laboratories. Hospitals are the most prominent industry that uses UV lights for airborne disinfection.
  • Odor Control: UV lights can be used to help eliminate odors that are produced by paints, food, building materials, trash, paints, solvents, and animals. The UV light shines on a catalyst which catalizes the VOC’s.

If your business has any processes or applications where UV lights can help your company product better in a cleaner environment, then call the engineers at Hoffmann Brothers for a free estimate on a UV system. You can also request a bid or read more about our commercial indoor air quality products and services.

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