Humidifiers For Your St Louis Business Property

Hofmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors not only specializes in mechanical services and HVAC systems, but we are experts in commercial Indoor Air Quality, especially Humidification. Many businesses have inventory and specific processes that require protection and insufficient humidity levels in the production can cause significant roadblocks.

Hoffmann Brothers can design a humidification system that has your application and processes in mind. Our Mechanical Contractors are experts in providing the capacity and precise humidity controls needed to protect your inventories, processes, and people. Call Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors to schedule a free estimate on the installation of a Humidifier system in your business or building at 314-664-3011.

Commercial Humidifier Systems St Louis

Hoffmann Brothers installs many types and brands of Humidifiers for St Louis area businesses. All of the Humidifiers offer superior design and many features. Our engineers will evaluate your business’ needs and recommend the right humidifier system for your location and space. We have installed humidifiers in all types of commercial applications such as data centers, office buildings, banks, manufacturing facilities, and retail locations. St Louis experiences dry conditions during the fall and winter months, this is usually when humidifier are needed the most.

St Louis experiences high humidity levels during the spring and summer, and that is when we would recommend dehumidifier systems for your space. Proper humidity levels are required in many processes and to get a proper humidification system it is best to have a professional engineer evaluate your company’s needs and find the perfect fit system for you. Call Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors at 314-664-3011 to get a free estimate on a humidification system for your St Louis business.

Commercial Humidification System St Louis

Humidification of air is necessary in many commercial spaces, from manufacturing facilities, to schools, to office buildings. The humidity levels cannot only affect processes and production, but the comfort level and production from employees. Also, for many retail locations or offices, it can deter a customer from returning if the environment is comfortable.

Whether you have a new building or retrofit job, Hoffmann Brothers Mechanical Contractors can find your St Louis business the right humidification system. Contact one of our engineers at 314-664-3011 to learn more about how Hoffmann Brothers can help solve your humidity issues.

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