Wireless Programmable Thermostats: A Smart Device for the Smart Homeowner

Neighbors have a tendency to keep up with the Joneses. If Mr. Jones down the street maintains an immaculate yard and puts up an extensive display of Christmas lights every year, you might find yourself feeling inadequate if your overgrown lawn and weeds must wait until the weekend. You may feel inferior when you limit your red and green lights to the windows and branches accessible without a ladder.

Here’s an opportunity to beat Mr. Jones inconspicuously but effectively. Your wireless digital programmable thermostat can upstage his traditional model all year long. A backlit décor matched thermostat with a cyclical energy efficient temperature program might work for his house down the street. But your home deserves the benefit of a digital programmable thermostat with wireless features.

Basic Features:
•    5-2 or 5-1-1 temperature programming for weekday and weekend variability
•    Programming requires user to be physically at the unit
•    Override requires user to be physically at the unit
•    No memory capacity to store historical usage

Wireless Features:
•    Daily temperature programming possible without spending precious morning or evening minutes at the control panel
•    Program your thermostat from your mobile device, tablet, smartphone, or desktop computer at the office
•    Override your settings on-the-go, in the coffee shop, or at the gymnastics meet based on changes in the forecast, family schedules, delays, and unexpected visitors
•    Real-time and historical reports available for utility usage, humidity levels, and past seasonal and vacation settings
•    Preventative maintenance and filter change reminders for easy appointment scheduling during business hours and stops at the hardware store on the way home

You and Mr. Jones both have busy lives. Consider a wireless digital programmable thermostat to make yours just a bit easier. Automate the comfort of your home, control its temperature settings from anywhere at anytime, and save money by optimizing the biggest energy user in your home. Call (314) 664-3011 to check out our smart wireless thermostats with digital photo playback technology.

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