St. Louis HVAC Company Counts on Good Air Quality

In Southeast Missouri good air quality counts, inside and out. Hoffmann Brothers, a premiere heating and cooling company of St. Louis County, provides a count of what’s considered good indoor air quality to pollutant standards.


Three major illnesses cancer, heart disease and respiratory ailments represent three major illnesses associated with poor indoor air quality.


Seventy is the average temperature for comfortable environment for most St. Louis County residences.


Five different elements impact indoor air quality and pose as a health risk. These are radon, mold, asthmatic triggering elements (dust, dander), wood burning fire, and second hand cigarette smoke.


To help manage mold in the home, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) prescribes a minimum of 30 percent humidity level relative to the outdoor temperature.


St. Louis County households should change the comfort system’s air filter at least every 31 days to promote clean door air quality. Heating and cooling energy studies also show that regular air filter changes support energy conservation as well as the life of the comfort system.

FACTOID: Did you know that St. Louis County households are prime for poor indoor air quality?


Gas, oil, kerosene, wood, tobacco products and coal account for the six most combustive pollutant sources found in certain homes of St. Louis County.


Indoor humidity levels shouldn’t exceed more than 40% of outdoor temperatures, ranging from 20 to 40 degrees.


On those rare days, when the temperature in St. Louis County dips below 20 below zero, indoor humidity should remain below 15%.


Seven side effects embody the immediate symptoms of poor indoor air quality: burning eyes, headaches, a runny or congested breathing fatigue, dizziness, breathing difficulties, and irritations in the throat.


When it comes to managing and promoting a healthy indoor quality in St. Louis County, only one name delivers: Hoffmann Brothers, heating and cooling contractors.

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