St. Louis County MO HVAC Contractor Prescribes UV Lights

With St. Louis County medical facilities and hospitals anticipating an influx of new patients this fall, a spike in infectious and airborne diseases is paramount. UV lights help defend against the proliferation of airborne bacterium. For decades, UV lightshave been found to stabilize indoor air quality in the health sector.

In St. Louis County, clean indoor air quality is especially critical in health clinics, laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturers, hospitals, and other medical facilities, where bacteria and mold have the ability to multiply. Mold is a perennial element. In St. Louis County, health centers are hypersensitive to airborne contaminants, mold, and allergens.

Given the humidity level of southeastern Missouri, airborne disinfection involves a medical environment’s HVAC system. An HVAC system is vulnerable to mold growth on the cooling coils of the cooling system. Germicidal UV lights defend against the recirculation of such airborne contaminants.

In a public health report, published by the Association of Schools of Public Health, titled the “History of ultraviolet germicidal Irradiation for Air Disinfection,” clinical trials showed that these UV germicidal lights reduced infection levels in operating rooms and infant wards. As far back as 1936, ultraviolet lights have been slowing the spread of infectious disease.

Leaky plumbing and other water issues at nursing homes, urgent care centers as well as other medical facilities call for immediate repair, as water and condensation trigger mold growth.

Other clinical trials, evaluating the efficacy of UV lights in health settings, indicate a correlation in the reduction of infectious disease and improved indoor air quality (IAQ) in health centers.

Prevent the spread of airborne contaminants in your medical environment. Hoffmann Brothers assures indoor air quality in St. Louis County with UV germicidal lights and other airborne disinfectants.

Schedule an indoor air quality evaluation at (314) 664-3011 or request a bid here.

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