Spring in St Louis – Indoor Air Quality is a must!

Just last week in St Louis, the pollen count was off the charts. The pollen count typically ranges from 60-260, last week Monday the pollen count was 7654 and on Tuesday it was 4446. St Louis is continuously the worst place for allergies and pollen. There are a number of defenses to enhance your indoor air quality in your home since the outdoor air quality in St Louis is so poor. Here are a few suggestions for you:

Replace HVAC air filters often
During the summer, St. Louis residents tend to run their air conditioner a good part of the day. Monthly air filter changes improve both indoor air quality, as well as the energy efficiency of your air conditioner.  You can also upgrade to a large media filter that collects more dust and particulars from the air so you can breathe better.

Maintain the air conditioner
For at least six months of the year in St. Louis, homeowners do not use the air conditioner. During this dormant period, these appliances’ interior mechanisms collect dirt, dust and sometimes a residue. The beginning of summer is an optimal time to schedule an air conditioning maintenance.  This not only assures that your family will be breathing in clean cool air, but extends the life of your air conditioning system.

Consider air purification
When an immaculate home, regular air filter replacements and air conditioning are not enough, an air purification system can annihilate these germs. Hoffmann Brothers, a St. Louis, heating and cooling company is an expert at installing air purification systems.

Indoor Air Quality can improve allergy symptoms and help you breathe easier this spring. To learn more about Hoffmann Brothers IAQ options, call us at (314) 664-3011 or contact us here.

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