Preventing Mold & Mildew in your Home

Indoor Air Quality St. Louis

One of the most bothersome threats to your indoor air quality is mold in your HVAC system. To prevent mold and other microbiological growth from growing inside your HVAC system, you can keep up with these good habits.

Furnaces St. Louis

Make sure to clean out the drip pan and condensate line of your furnace regularly. When your furnace produces water as a byproduct of running, it collects into a drip pan. The drip pan needs to be emptied and cleaned regularly or else mold will grow in the pan.

Condensate lines transport excess water away from the central air system in your HVAC unit. Sometimes these lines can clog with external debris. Make sure to have these pipes cleared to remove water from the furnace. Otherwise, water will back up and allow mildew to grow.

Furnace Maintenance St. Louis

While you can clean a drip pan and condensate lines on your own, there are other harder to reach parts that only HVAC technicians should access such as evaporator coils, filters and fragile fins. Mildew can grow on all of these parts when water coats them.

When you have your furnace maintenance, technicians carefully remove and clean the inner parts of your system so that your air is clean and reliable.

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