Improving Indoor Air Quality for Cold and Flu Prevention

St. Louis City Contractor Prescribes Clean Air Remedies


It’s wintertime in St. Louis. This means that’s the flu season is upon city and county residents. During this time of year, little ones and elderly people are the most susceptible to catching the flu. While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises Americans to have a flu vaccination, heating and air conditioning contractors prescribe the following strategies for clearing the flu from your home.


Colds, viral infections and bacteria are not the type of elements you want lurking in the home. Washing hands is one of several approaches to preventing the spread of the flu and other airborne viral infections.


A St. Louis City heating contractor advises, “Clean surfaces, such as shelves, ledges books, heating vents, and other fixtures in the home where dust tends to collect.”


Make note of the last time you changed the air filter on the furnace. Air filters are ripe for dust accumulation. When the heater or air conditioning unit is powered on, this debris impairs indoor air quality.


Moreover, these foreign elements are a detriment to the heating system. Aside from recirculating dust in the home, a dust laden air filter hinders energy efficiency. With dust blocking vents, the heating system works that much harder to maintain the thermostats setting.


“The bottom line is that air filter replacements are necessary every 30 months for promotion clean indoor air quality and supporting the longevity of your home’s heating system,” recommends a heating specialist of the St. Louis County heat contractor, Hoffmann Brothers.


Mold is a byproduct of moist environments commonly found in the basement, crawlspaces, the kitchen and bathroom. Some clean air advocates attribute mold to ongoing illnesses.


UV germicidal lights serve as a preventative remedy in St. Louis homes, where occupants constantly have a cold or flu. In particular, UV germicidal lights help rid the indoor environment of bacteria and mold. Additionally, individuals with an immune deficiency may benefit from these air cleaning systems.



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