How to Select an Air Cleaner for Your Clayton Home?

“It’s completely unnecessary to fret over harmful air particles affecting your children. With the right air cleaning system, removing airborne contaminants from your Clayton household is hassle-free,” imparts a heating contractor, licensed in Clayton, Missouri.

What does an air cleaner do?

Air cleaners address several indoor air quality issues. Primarily, an air cleaner removes fine particulate matter associated with triggering an allergic reaction, asthmatic episode, or respiratory distress.


Types of Air Cleaners to Consider in Clayton

Air cleaner technology includes an UV germicidal light, electronic precipitator ion generator, and whole-house air cleaners.

ü  Indoor air quality is not only applicable to a comfortable, cozy or chilled environment. Airborne contaminants trigger asthmatic attacks and other respiratory related health conditions. A UV germicidal light exterminates biological contaminants by interrupting mutation.

Yet, despite a UV germicidal light’s ability to eradicate airborne contaminants, the air cleaning devices do not have the capacity to filter out microbes. This is a primary reason that Hoffmann Brothers heating contractors advise Clayton homeowners to invest in an air cleaner in addition to a UV germicidal light.

For an exacting air cleaner installation, hire a licensed heating contractor in Clayton.

ü  An electronic precipitator works by utilizing electricity to capture and charge particles in the air. The scientific process draws particle matter into an ion section where the contaminants remain entrapped on a metal plate.

ü  An ion generator is an air cleaning technology. It works by scattering ions into the air, charging those particles and then settling on surfaces throughout the home. As a result, it is not as effective as whole-house air cleaning systems.

ü  In Clayton, a whole-home air filter system is compatible with most homes’ current heating and cooling systems. An air cleaner using both an electrically enhanced air filtration technology and a media cleaner afford the best indoor air quality for your home.

Learn more about improving your Clayton home’s indoor air quality, when you visit any of the following resource pages:


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