How to Breathe Clean Indoor Air Quality into a St. Louis Home

St. Louis Heating and Cooling Contractor Offers Good House Keeping Tips


An improperly maintained air conditioning unit is not the only way to promote unhealthy indoor air quality (IAQ). Around the home so many factors contribute to poor indoor air quality, which often triggers asthmatic attacks, allergies and other respiratory irritants. Hoffmann Brothers, a heating and cooling contractor with a 40+ years of experience highlights several indoor air quality strategies for a healthy home.


Refresh furniture.

A fertile bed for dust accumulation and dust mites, upholstered furnishings collect dust and dirt. Sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda on cushions and upholstery and then vacuum. Also be sure to clean baseboards where debris tends to collect.


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Replace filters.

“Regular air filter replacements promote indoor air quality while leveraging the energy savings home’s cooling system,” points out Robert Hoffmann, founder of St. Louis heating and cooling company, Hoffmann Brothers.


Eliminate dust.

Dust counters indoor air quality. Becoming entrapped in the home’s ventilation, those particles permeate the air when the heating or cooling system is on. Clean fan blades, and central air conditioning vents to prevent recirculation the particulate matter.


Seal leaks.

Air leaks contribute to a home’s dust and mold factor too. Not to mention, when air seeps through windows, cracks it counters your home’s energy savings. For instance some contractors use a Perfluorocarbon tracer gas (PFT) to detect the infiltration rate or radon and other toxic gases.


Maintain the HVAC.

Schedule biannual maintenance to check the homes heating and cooling system before the winter and summer months.


Consider other air quality controllers.

Explore solutions to block out humidity and moisture. Hoffmann Brothers designs cooling systems to complement good healthy indoor air quality.

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